Tuesday, 17 March 2009

news from Los Angeles and Melbourne

If I could knit faster, I would show you every day something new made by me... but it's impossible. So I hope you would like to view all these pics from several fashion weeks. :P

Los Angeles Fashion Week - Fall 2009
Gen Art

Melbourne Fashion Week - Fall 2009
Ksubi (the pic on the left side) and crocheted accessories by Karen Walker:

Если бы я могла вязать быстрее, то тогда бы каждый день показывала тут что-то новенькое, связанное мною. Но думаю, вам также очень интересно рассматривать все эти фотографии с различных недель мод (в последнее время, в основном, прет-а-порте)...


KB said...

cool knits, nice to see some knitwear from unconventional fashion weeks. must have a look.

ivoreece said...

KB, I agree! Those fashion weeks are so unpopular, but some of their clothes look really nice. :)