Thursday, 16 April 2009

knitspirations from Japanese streets

Today I was browsing through Japanese street style website ( and found very interesting looks. So I put all amazing knitted outfits for you together. They're so imaginative! I like most of them!
~ March and April 2009, Japan

вязаные изделия с улиц Японии

Я сегодня рассматривала сайт (, публикующий всевозможные наряды с японских улиц и нашла там немало очень интересных вязаных изделий, которые решила показать вам. Сами образы такие фантазийные, временами даже странные, но всё-равно очень притягательные!


Sasi said...

The second pic has to be my fave, it's very romantic and makes me smile..

geisharock said...

Dropsnap is a great site :) TI love the cute little blue dress/coat in the 7th picture!

I've come by to say hello because I was deleting my oldest blog posts from aaaages ago when I didn't have the time or inspiration to blog, and you were one of my first commenters :) Thank you for that encouragement way back then!